Dreading security checks? Join the club

Security checks are the best way to ensure safety in any type of venue.

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Security checks are the best way to ensure safety in any type of venue.

At some point, we have all had some bad experiences with security. These conversations might have taken place at the airport, schools, theme parks or even at a social event or in venues like a shopping mall. While these security checks may seem inconvenient, what people don’t understand is how important these security checks may be.

Throughout the 440 well-known airports in the United States alone, there are on average two million travelers a day, according to the TSA. Through the many checkpoint security checks, every airport has seen its share of firearms found in carry-ons. Approximately 11 firearms are found and confiscated per day.

Since the horrific terrorist event that took place in 2001, safety when flying has never been so important. Safety enforcers have updated regulations and demand an in-depth search of all belongings. The true reason why these regulations are enforced is to ensure the safety of the innocent and to eliminate all possible threats.

The same idea is implemented into bag checks and metal detectors at places like schools, theme parks and possibly some social venues. The design of doing so is to prevent another tragic event from happening in well-known places.

As a result of many upset parents, many schools across the nation have installed metal detectors to ensure student safety. With these safety procedures, there will be less violence caused by weapons, which will result in a safe learning environment.

In recent studies provided by Daily Herald, not only were weapons found and confiscated from those entering theme parks, but traces of drugs have also come up as well. “Most of the arrests have revolved around drugs,” said Deputy Police Chief Hank Schwarz. The plain message the owner of these parks put out is that these weapons and narcotics will not be tolerated. These theme parks will remain a safe place without them.

Although security checks could be a inconvenience for some people, they are truly needed. Having security checkpoints in these settings is essential because they help prevent a catastrophe from occurring.