Coffee emperors around the world should start putting cancer warning signs in their shops

Alexandra Der Boghosian, Website Editor

Ever since the news surfaced of coffee containing a chemical compound that can cause cancer, many people have complained that there should be warning signs in coffee shops. As the talk of coffee causing cancer escalates, coffee empires, including Starbucks, are starting to consider putting warning signs in their stores.

According to USA Today, a Los Angeles judge has required that all coffee stores must have cancer warning signs in their stores. To many people, having the warning signs in coffee stores is useful, as they will allow the person to know that the company is aware of the situation.

Especially in California, all coffee vendors should have warning signs. Many coffee vendors around California got sued for not having label signs, according to Fast Company. There is no talk if coffee shops in other states will be putting these warning signs, but judges in California have made it a requirement here. Many people say that if California requires all coffee shops in California to have warning labels, other states will consider making it a requirement as well.

Cancer chemicals can be in coffee when roasting the coffee beans. They create a chemical called acrylamide, which causes cancer.

Coffee is something I drink often, so knowing that it can cause cancer is something that I should be noticing more.

Coffee places should warn people of the effects of coffee. It helps people to be aware of cancer chemicals in coffee and to know that the coffee shop is aware of the situation as well. This is important because it can save many people’s lives.

Proposition 65 in California requires all businesses and stores must put a warning labels in their stores when having chemicals in their products. According to American Cancer Society, the business should put out “clear and reasonable warnings.”

All coffee companies in the world should inform their customers about coffee consisting of cancer-causing chemicals. It will be helpful for the customer and beneficial for the business.