North Korea and South Korea make peace– for now


Leslie Chung, Business Manager, Yearbook Section Editor

North Korea and South Korea just made one of the biggest changes in history for 2018.  On April 27, North Korean president Kim Jong-un decided to finally end the Korean War by going over to South Korea and making an agreement with South Korea’s president, Moon Jae-in.

President Kim Jong-un for the first time crossed over the border and entered Goyang, South Korea, and President Moon Jae-in also stepped into North Korea for the first time.

This indeed was one of the best moments for both Koreas since the war. The two leaders decided to start working towards a peace treaty that’ll better their countries’ future.

However, why would president Kim Jong-un decide to make an agreement now of all times? Is it not suspicious that Kim Jong-un, a man well-known for violence, decided to make peace with his worst enemy?

Just back in Nov. 2017, President Kim Jong-un sent up a missle, the Hwasong 15, which was one of the biggest missiles he has ever created. There are many ways to interpret this unpredictable action from president Kim Jong-un.

A possible reason for his action, making peace, may be because he knew he was losing in a one-sided war. It is a possibility that he knows that as soon as he sends his missile towards America, that America will come and strike back. Knowing that it can be suicidal for both sides, this possibility is one option that he does not want to consider.

This may be entirely wrong, but if one of us were fighting one of the most powerful countries, it is reasonable to think that someone would eventually give up and it would not be America.

However, it is safe to assume that President Kim Jong-un is not a coward and would not just give up simply because he knows that he will lose in the fight.

It is also possible that Kim Jong-un decided to make peace because he knows at this rate he will deplete all of the resources necessary to create what they original planned for, weapons of mass destruction. Without alliances, there is no way Kim Jong-un can keep continuing his experiments like he has been doing for the last past few years.

So Kim Jong-un will wait for the perfect time, even if he has to pass this task to his son, when he gets the resources and has everyone off guard, to finally strike and move forward with his plan of destroying America.

No one knows what the unpredictable President Kim Jong-un is really up to. Let’s hope that he will change for the better, and we, as a country, do not see North Korea as our enemy, but as our ally.