The left shows its hypocrisy on women’s rights


The disgraced Harvey Weinstein

Michael Melkonian, Staff Writer

This past week, the New York Times released a damning article on one of the biggest Democratic Party donors, Harvey Weinstein. One of the so called liberal “lions” of the Democratic Party and a “staunch defender” of women’s rights was exposed for not only his vile behavior, but his hypocrisy on the women’s rights issue. This is a man who has been praised by people such as Michelle Obama who called him “a good friend” and Hillary Clinton, who are supposedly staunch women’s rights supporters, all the while he was abusing women on a daily basis. This exposes these people, and Democrats in general, for supporting a man whose vile treatment of women in Hollywood was an “open secret,” according to the The New York Times article.

The irony of this is how slow many of the people on the giving end of Weinstein’s donations have been to react to this controversy. President Obama, who invited Weinstein to the White House over a dozen times, remained mum on this issue for five days and only denounced him when under immense pressure, which begs the question of whether these people really are the women’s rights champions that they say they are.  When the Access Hollywood tapes of then-candidate Donald Trump came out last fall, the Democrats’ condemnations were as harsh as they come, calling him in some cases a “rapist” and an “abuser of women.” But now, when a member of their own is exposed, they are all mum on the issue. Where is the outrage that appeared exactly a year earlier on an issue that wasn’t even close to this scale? There is none because Weinstein has stuffed the pocketbooks of people like Clinton and the Obamas over the years. 

The corruption of Weinstein’s money is obvious in the responses of these two

This proves the true hypocrisy of many on the Left. Liberal wonderlands such as Hollywood aren’t the picture of equality as the Democrats make them seem, but actually an abusive place for women who just want to achieve the American dream in the entertainment business. Women are not only underpaid, but in some cases they are also forced to engage in sexual behavior with their higher ups in order to move up in the industry. Who are we as Americans to not protect the rights of women that are guaranteed in our Constitution, and why are some of these leftists so two-faced on this issue? The message to these big Democratic Party donors and the DNC that willingly take their money should be this: practice what you preach. If the party proclaims themselves to be the champion of women’s rights around the world, they would at least not take any donations from a noted women abuser. If the Democratic Party had any decency, they would donate all of the money they have received from Winestein to charity, but they even refuse to do that.

If the political party that is the champion of women’s rights want to save face, they should donate that money to organizations that actually help disadvantaged women around the world. If Democratic leaders like Clinton and the Obamas are being genuine in their fight for women’s rights, they should’ve denounced Weinstein immediately and not five days later. This exposure of Weinstein sheds light on two essential ideas. One is that most of these liberal elites don’t have the average person’s best interests at mind as they say they do, only their ruthless ambition for more power to continue their abusive ways.

Second, some of these Democratic Party politicians aren’t who they say they are. If they were truly the “women’s rights champions”, they wouldn’t accept donations from a known sexual abuser. Hopefully, this information on some of these top Democrats will help wake up some women’s rights organizations that still support the Democrat causes and help them understand that their problem is not the Republican Party, but it is in their own party that they devoutly support.