Monetization policy hurts famous YouTubers


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Youtuber Philip DeFranco discusses his opinion in this video

Ani Sarkisyan, Staff Writer and Website Videographer

Popular YouTube star Philip DeFranco recently made a video titled “YouTube is Shutting Down My Channel and I’m Not Sure What To Do” in which he described YouTube’s eager approach to make the website a more “family-friendly” outlet.

According to his video, YouTube won’t monetize videos that do not meet the advertiser-friendly guidelines found on the YouTube Support website. This is a foolish move for YouTube because their website has been such a success, providing viewers with honest content that they enjoy watching.

What YouTubers are finding most frustrating is that YouTube is also demonetizing already existing videos that break any of the guidelines. According to the guidelines, videos that contain “controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown” cannot be monetized. What this means is that YouTubers will not make money on videos in which they discuss any controversial topics, because these videos are not “advertiser-friendly.” YouTubers shouldn’t have to sacrifice their video’s content in order to conform to the new policy.

Ana Kasparian, host on the YouTube show The Young Turks, says that YouTube is doing this to make sure that ads go onto ad-friendly content. This policy is especially harmful to news channels on YouTube, because they cannot make money from advertisements if they chose to report on topics that incite debate.

According to, videos about depression and even LGBT rights have been demonetized. Once a video is demonetized, the content creator can request to have it reviewed for remonetization, but the video does not make money during this process. Since these famous YouTubers get most of their views during the first few days of the content being posted, having it demonetized will cost them a fortune. YouTube should rethink this move because upsetting content creators will ruin YouTube’s great reputation.

Hank Green from the vlogbrothers channel got an email stating that his video “Zaatari: Thoughts from a Refugee Camp” got demonetized. This video included information about how poorly refugees in Zaatari lived.

Once this policy spread internationally, the #YouTubeisoverParty was created. No, YouTube is not going to actually vanish because of the policy, but many content creators will make less money, forcing them to find different sources of income.

Though this policy mainly affects YouTube news channels, gaming, comedy, beauty, and other channels should also be on the lookout. According to the YouTube guidelines, videos that include “inappropriate language” and “sexual humor” will be demonetized. Most YouTube comedians constantly curse in their videos, so not paying them is really irritating. Having to filter your own personality to gain advertisers isn’t fair because these famous YouTubers built their channels on their unique style in the first place.

Though some of the guidelines are ambiguous and hard to follow, others actually contribute to a better YouTube community. According to the guidelines, the promotion of drugs and violence is inappropriate for advertising. This is probably the only positive aspect of the whole situation, because it actually helps to make YouTube safer.

Since YouTube is a business, it has the right to do whatever it pleases, but content creators still have the right to be flustered.