Armenians across the world show their concern for their relatives across the globe


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Map of the area in which conflict has been erupting.

Rita Bilamejian, Business Manager

From silent protests to rallies, Armenians clearly showed their concern for their relatives across the world. Many Armenian schools and students recently devoted their time to express their anger toward Azerbaijan. Clark Magnet’s Armenian students showed their devotion by conducting a silent protest in front of the rest of the Clark students on April 5.

The actions that Armenians have taken to inform others about the conflict clearly shows their dedication to help the Armenian community. Protest in other parts of the world capture the conflict through social media, as the media has a played significant role in getting the word out with pictures and videos.

Even though Clark is mostly comprised of Armenian students, the silent protest was a way to show Armenian students’ concern. Unlike many other adults, the opportunity for Armenian students to make a change is slim. Thus, a silent protest was an ideal way for students to present their thoughts on the matter.

While some might portray the protests as unnecessary, as they do not accomplish anything tangible, the protests are an opportunity to not only demonstrate their worry but to broadcast the strong ties between the Armenian people across the globe.

Although the protests do show Armenian pride, the protest can be counterproductive for many non-Armenians. The conflict originated in 1994 over Karabakh and re-erupted on April 1, killing dozens of soldiers and innocent civilians on both sides. The protests do show Armenians’ anger but do not show a uniform goal: to fight against Azerbaijani forces or to call for peace. In order to make the protests as productive as it should be, one should make a decision on what the goal of their protests are. The protests do seem to capture attention, but they also cause non-Armenians to question what the protests are advocating.

A solution to this issue can be making a decision on how to pursue the matter. The protests can advocate for either peace or perseverance against Azerbaijani forces. No matter the answer, protesters should be quick on making the decision in order to make their hard work as productive as possible.