Hatred Against Police Officers Goes Too Far


photo via wikipedia.org under Creative Commons license

Lately all police officers are all being targeted by civilians due to hate crimes. Many police officers in the country are being victimized and injured by civilians who are categorizing cops all into one category.

Dianna Khudoyan , Staff Writer/ Photographer

In today’s society we do not see all the good that is being done by law enforcement officials around us. All we hear about is the horrible fate a suspect of a crime has faced from one police brutality incident. This causes the public to get the wrong idea and assume all police officers have a vendetta against the people and pick their suspects through racial discrimination.

People miss the point of officers being there in the first place: to provide safety for those members of the community and make sure no one is in danger. Just because a couple of them go against their oaths and cause harm to a citizen, doesn’t mean all are guilty of the same crime.

Even President Obama this past week gave a speech in New York City explaining that the media only targets rioters and looters while missing the more complex problems going on in America today.

According to the Tribune Wire Report, since April 28, at least 20 police officers have been injured due to riots like those going on in Baltimore. Liberal activists seem to accuse all police officers in general without actually taking in the idea that some might be trying to do their jobs.

On May 4, an NYPD officer died from a gunshot wound in the head, totaling up to be the third New York City officer to have died on duty in the past five months. Officer Brian Moore only 25 years old, was shot by Demetrius Blackwell in a Queens neighborhood.

Another innocent cop has been lost and people don’t seem to care. With all the focus being on events like riots in Baltimore and and the recent Ferguson case, people miss all the lives being lost on the other side of the line.

Citizens are being targeted for crimes they did not commit because of their race or physical appearance and use one story as an excuse to charge all cops with the same hate crime.

People need to stop criticizing everyone so quickly and assuming the worst in someone who is just merely trying to do their job. Officers are being charged with hate crimes when really people are hypocritical and disrespecting police officers.