Putin to Obama: “Your Argument is Invalid”

Putin to Obama: “Your Argument is Invalid”

Man the decks; deport the Russians; resurrect McCarthy.The Soviet Union — dreamed of by the Lenins of yesteryear, resented by Uncle Sam, and conquered (or so we thought) by democracy and free markets — is awakening from her post-Cold War dormancy. And she does not sound happy.

While some of history’s resurrections have been reasons to celebrate (see Jesus of Nazareth), others, not so much. Let’s be real: no one was celebrating when the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il transcended his physical death by metamorphosing into his son, Kim Il Sung. So now, some two decades after the USSR officially disappeared in an act that only Houdini himself could rival, what does Putin’s recent re-drawing of the Russian western front mean to us Americans?

According to our Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Hussein Obama, it means de-friending Vlad Putin from Facebook and threatening to block him for good — figuratively speaking, of course.

The recent and swift annexation of Crimea into Russia proper has set off alarms in the Ukraine and UN, but in vain. After all, a lawful referendum was held where Crimean voters overwhelmingly endorsed uniting with Russia, despite boycotts by ethnic Tatars and Ukrainians. How can Putin’s invasion of Crimea be legal, you ask? The answer is the self-determination of the Crimeans, which is recognized by a United Nations Charter as a right of all people.

What really should shame us all are the double-standards that are so apparent in America’s Foreign Policy.

What really should shame us all are the double-standards that are so apparent in America’s Foreign Policy; whatever moral superiority Obama may have had while condemning the Russians with words and sanctions was sacrificed a long time ago by the actions of previous presidents who did not do what Obama wants Putin to do — obey international law. Where was this law when President George W. Bush invaded Iraq in 2003 while violating laws and treaties initiated and signed by the United States? Where was this law when Obama illegally waged war on Libya, which continues to remain in chaos?

The need to abide by this “international law” seems to be Obama’s new recurring rhetoric. And all the while, he continues his violations of international law by infringing upon national sovereignties with deadly drones, flyovers and secret forays by soldiers to name a few.

Of course, the bigger picture reveals Russia asserting its presence in the former Soviet Satellites and the world stage. This is not necessarily something to be afraid of; in fact, I invite Russia to bring back a balance of power in the world that was once checked by the Soviet Union. Since its dissolution, America has assumed the role of policing the world, bringing more conflict than peace in the world.

“Do as I say, not as I do” is hard to sell to the Russians, who have the capacity to see through American hypocrisy. Now, weeks after Crimea’s annexation, Obama remains strangely silent; perhaps he got a message from Vladimir himself: “Obama, your argument is invalid.”