Clark Offers a New Broadcast Honors Class in the 23-24 School Year


Meri Sahakyan

Mr. Bishop looks forward to the updates they can give to the current broadcast station for next year.

Clark’s Broadcast Club, which began in the 2019-2020 school year, has been one of the busiest clubs on campus. Broadcast Club plans out weekly episodes of the “That was the Week,” a live show where students share school and worldwide news, produce creative segments such as showcasing behind the scenes moments in cinema, conduct interviews, and, of course, have fun.

Mr. Bishop, Clark’s Cinema and Interns teacher, has been the advisor of the club and has significantly invested into ensuring that the club fulfills its purpose. After the success of Broadcast Club, Mr. Bishop decided that it would be a great opportunity to provide a class for students in the 2023-2024 school year, covering a curriculum ranging from news, commercials, game shows, interviews, and more.

“Having the class be part of a curriculum is going to allow us to produce bigger and better content and have more focus on it,” Mr. Bishop said. Broadcast Club has been meeting on Tuesdays where they plan shows, and Fridays where they try to broadcast those shows. Because enrichment can get busy for many members and does not provide as much time, Mr. Bishop believes that having it as a class will allow students to expand what they have already been doing to a greater scale.

While it can be considered that the club is turning into a class, the new class is going to be different in the sense that it will demand much more from students; they will be provided with better equipment, new forms of content will be created, and students will learn to think on their feet which will advance a lot of their skills in communication, teamwork, leadership, and hands-on work.

The new Broadcast Class does not have any prerequisites and is available for all sophomores, juniors, and seniors. “It’s about being able to tell a story in a different way, it gives a whole new perspective on storytelling,” Mr. Bishop said.

Many Broadcast Club members were part of the SkillsUSA Team that placed Gold and will be representing California at Atlanta for News Production in April of 2023. Junior Sahaar Khan has been a part of Broadcast Club since her freshman year and stood as vice president this year. “We go on field trips and competitions and one thing we’ve realized is that there is a heavy emphasis on broadcasting and news casting… the class will be able to touch up on the news aspect of competitions and win even more awards for our school,” Khan said. 

The Broadcast Honors class is going to be one where all students can join and take part in creating a show that the rest of the school, students and teachers, will look forward to watching. “By making it into a class we can go more towards an occupational direction and make broadcast something that students can look forward to, possibly as a career,” Khan said. Members will also be presented many opportunities to take part in competitions and field trips and gain new skills in content production as well as keeping up in a work-based environment.