Piddle Paddle: Ready to Serve?


Mariam Mikayelyan

Nathan Scherrer prepares to strike back against his opponent.

Clark hosted its first ever Ping Pong tournament on February 7th, as an event to encourage school spirit. “Everything’s been down and everyone’s been stressed, so I decided to bring something that’ll have everyone come together and have a fun time,” ASB president Emily Hovsepian said. The Ping Pong event lasted 2 weeks, starting February 7th, taking place during lunch.“The idea actually came to me over winter break of this year, and to really plan it thoroughly with all the rules, it took a couple of weeks,” Hovsepian said. 

As the tournament started, a crowd of students gathered around the contestants. Even in the hot sun, students continued to take pictures and videos with their cameras. “It was my second time playing ping pong and I was planning to go against my friends, but I guess we weren’t paired up against each other,” Sophomore Gabriel Mendoza said.  “I knew I was going to lose, but it was still fun to play.” Mendoza hopes to be paired up against his friends in future tournaments. 

Students also took this opportunity to test their skills against their friends. “I’ve played ping pong on and off since I was a kid, so I figured it would be a good way to show my skills at school,” senior Nathan Scherrer said. “I’d be excited to be part of anything related to sports, anything that would boost school spirit.” 

ASB plans on hosting more activities to increase the school spirit within the whole school. Hovsepian is in the process of planning March Madness for the students to experience the memorable event as Hovsepian had during her freshman year. As ASB dedicatedly continues to create events for students to enjoy, students at Clark are interested to see what the year has in store for them.