Winter Formal 2023: Love is in the air at Clark


Sarin Khatcherian

Students party all night in Clark’s decorated auditoria during Winter Formal.

Sarin Khatcherian, Section Editor

With 256 tickets sold, the excitement of the upcoming long weekend, and the season for Valentine’s, this year’s Winter Formal was an exciting event for Clark students to look forward to in the month of February. On Friday, Feb 10, 2023, a few junior ASB students stayed after school to set up for their long awaited formal, putting up the pink and red themed decorations, hanging up lights, parchment-paper design cut outs, red hearts, and more both inside the auditeria and outside in the “covered area.” 

The event was filled with multiple games outside, ranging from collaborative board games such as Headbands, Operation, and Connect 4 to cards to playing ping pong with ASB’s brand new table tennis tables for people who wanted to simply chill and hang out. The decor and DJ setup truly brought the event to life and captured the perfect party atmosphere for those who wanted to dance. With the main lights in the auditoria completely off, colorful lasers and lights bounced fanatically around on the walls. Walking in through Clark’s gates and seeing the beautiful roses and hearts spread across, the experience felt somewhat magical.  

The outside, or “covered area” as Clark kids call it, was decorated in a very aesthetically pleasing way; the tables were covered in light pink tablecloths with cute Mason jars on each table that contained soft yellow lights and white roses. Even the photobooth right outside the auditeria added on to the list of fun things to do as well as the aesthetic, with the sparkling silver backdrop and the table full of Valentine’s-themed props to hold during the pictures. 

The food was also a popular hit as people rushed to order. ASB brought in a taco truck for this formal, which was stationed near the downstairs lunch lines, and students were able to order pork, beef, and chicken tacos as well as quesadillas for themselves. There was a toppings station for them to put whatever they wanted such as beans, rice, and a few different sauces.

“The event went better than anticipated, and it seemed that everyone had fun with all the games, dancing, and delicious tacos,” said ASB Junior Class President Vahag Matevosian. Being the first dance since 2020 that’s been hosted inside the auditoria, Matevosian believes that it was extremely successful and a great decision. “Hopefully, during our next school dance, people would feel more encouraged to go by how successful winter formal was this year.”