Divinia Dilsizian

The clubs made colorful posters and students were excited and eager to buy their favorite food items.

On January 27th, Clark continued with the tradition of hosting its annual Winterfest, where students were able to enjoy delicious food while also hanging out with their friends. 

As the bell rang for enrichment, students rushed down the amphitheater steps to get a spot in line for their favorite food items. Entertaining and loud music played, colorful posters were on display, and students enjoyed the scrumptious food items that were sold by different clubs. Food choices ranged from McDonald’s chicken nuggets, churros, boba from Boba Time, mini Cinnabons, and the classic persahkis and ponchiks, which were a favorite of many last Winterfest!

The week leading up to Winterfest, club presidents made colorful posters. Clark’s Associated Student Body (ASB) helped set up the event, and Dr. Landisi notified the student body that tickets were being sold on the Clark website. Supposedly, selling tickets online provided much easier access, but that was not the case for some clubs that sold food. 

Senior Camille Jacobe comments on how Winterfest could have been more successful. “The only thing I did not like this year was that tickets were only sold online because it’s easier for the students to buy it in person”. 

For instance, during the event, there was a high demand for boba, which was sold by the Make-a-Wish Club. Since boba is a popular drink that is sold during these types of events, people eagerly wanted to get their hands on it. The online sales put a damper on this club because many people did not buy tickets from the online web store but had large amounts of cash instead. 

Junior Anush Melikyan, President of the Make-a-Wish Club wished the event was handled better. “Not only was it stressful managing orders,  but we also had to keep an eye out for people trying to steal, which happened multiple times. It became a hassle.” It was difficult for this club to earn funds from selling boba because students pressured them to lower their prices from 7 tickets to 1 since they did not have enough tickets.

Although the selling of boba did not go as planned, the Kids Against Tobacco Smoking (KATS) Club sold all their chicken nuggets in under 20 minutes! Chicken nuggets seem to be a popular and well-liked food among students in the past year.  

Clark’s Winterfest may have been stressful for some clubs, but it was still a sweet and precious moment for students. The students were able to buy some of their favorite foods while also enjoying the company of their friends.