UCLA and Clark Welcome a New Addition to Campus


Vanya Arakelian

Senator Anthony Portantino hands Clark a certificate of recognition on their new achievements.

DJ Shant Rajoyan and drummer Leo Khodaverdi welcomed UCLA Health Sound Body, Sound Mind representatives, and members of the GUSD staff to Clark to the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new fitness center in the gym. Among those members included Ms. Kortoshian, who started this project when she was principal, and Dr. Landisi who hosted the event and made sure that this project saw a successful end, and it did. 

Before UCLA Health’s generous donations, the room was barely used, and filled with little equipment. The room is now filled with high-quality machines, worth millions of dollars. The machines introduce a new kind of excitement for the Clark community, especially for the Lifetime Sports and P.E. classes. 

Mr. Frazer created Lifetime sports this year for junior and senior students as an opportunity for them to work out in a healthy way, at school. The new equipment is a way for students to improve their physical health as well as their mental health, without having to pay for a gym membership outside of school. Mr. Frazer also made a speech during the ceremony highlighting his excitement for the new equipment as well as his passion for bettering his students’ lives. 

This is a new addition to Clark’s history, and so many people are excited to use the equipment. 

“Mr. Frazer had told us about the new weight room a while back, and we were looking forward to using the new equipment,” said sophomore Ani Gevorkyan. “It was a really special experience demo-ing some of the new workout items. Something like this isn’t going to happen again for a long time,” Gevorkyan said. 

As the program continued, Matt Flesock, the executive director of  UCLA Health Sound Body, Sound Mind made a speech about his excitement about the opening. He has been a member of the program for 7 years, as well as an essential member in the new collaboration with GUSD high schools. The first time this project was introduced was in 2014. 

“It has been such a fun day,” said Flesock. “This has been so long in the making, and it’s so exciting to finally celebrate all this hard work. Days like this are really the best because I get to come out to a school and see people benefiting from our program.” (Courtesy of Max Allen) 

Team 696 made a demonstration with Sand drag, their award-winning robot. The team announced its accomplishments at its recent competitions and certainly made Clark’s robotics and engineering programs shine. However, Team 696 wasn’t the only CTE group that was highlighted at the opening. Clark’s Cinema 5-6  Honors class was out recording the event, and the video will be posted on the Clark Cinema youtube channel soon. 

Dr. Landisi presented the plaque that will be placed inside the new fitness center to Flesock, thanking him for his contributions. That plaque will be placed in the fitness center, along with the new equipment and UCLA Health banners. 

After the presentations and speakers, it was time to bring out the green ribbon and oversized scissors. Sand drag made its second appearance, and wheeled out the giant scissors to Dr. Landisi. After moments of anticipation, Dr. Landisi, Dr. Ekchian, and Flesock cut the ribbon, proclaiming the new fitness center open for use. 

Students can expect a new opportunity to grow both mentally and physically with the addition of a new fitness center.