New Art Teacher Joins Clark


Stella Akopyan

The new art teacher at Clark, Mrs. Avanessian.

Stella Akopyan, Staff Writer

In the Career and Technical Department (CTE) a new teacher, Mrs. Talin Avanessian was welcomed at Clark to teach Art. Art has been a yearly class at Clark since 1998. This art class is a great way for students to express their creativity and portray their imaginations. With the help of their teacher, students get to create different art and show love towards their projects. Previous art students were sad that their previous teacher Ms. Vartan wouldn’t be teaching at Clark again this year, but were really excited to see what new projects they would do with Mrs. Avanessian.

Alongside teaching art at Clark, Mrs. Avanessian enjoys doing yoga with her husband. A particular yoga she enjoys with her husband is sound baths. Sound baths are a therapeutic way to relax and get into a zen mood that can help with depression and mental health. In addition to teaching art Mrs.Avanessian takes part in many activities that relate to art such as making beautiful beaded jewelry, taking photographs and lastly playing the guitar.  

When walking into room 1239, there was classical music playing, which set a calm mood for the students working on their art projects. They were currently working on a color wheel, to learn about all the primary and secondary color mixtures. Mrs. Avanessian was helping one of the students make a wide range of colors to paint with, in which the class was quiet and felt like an zen environment.

Being a long term sub for art at Herbert Hoover High School made Mrs. Avanessian realized her passion for art. When first subbing at Burbank High School, she wanted to make sure she liked being in an environment of a school, in which she did. She continued school and got her credentials to lead her to be where she is today. When Mrs. Avanessian first started teaching, she was a math teacher, “As I changed as a person, the things that I liked also changed with me, which led me to get into art.” 

She said that she found out about the job at Clark by a call from the GUSD saying “Hey, the summer school for art exists. Do you want to teach it?” The rest started from there “I love this school, I love these kids and then this position was open.” She took the job and says she couldn’t be more content with how things have turned out.