Clark takes part in Red Ribbon Week once again


Celine Gharapetian

Juniors Camila Cancik and Kyle Ananian wearing their favorite team jerseys in support of Red Ribbon Week.

Each school year at the end of October, schools around the country come together to recognize the dangers of drugs through a week-long event called Red Ribbon Week. 

Red Ribbon Week was started in 1985 in response to the murder of Drug Enforcement Agent Enrique Camarena by drug traffickers. After this unfortunate event, angry parents and teens across the United States started to wear red ribbons to raise awareness about the killing and destruction of teen health that is caused by drug use.

Along with other schools, Clark takes great care to help educate its students about the danger of drugs by taking part in Red Ribbon Week. To help promote this week-long event, Clark’s ASB students tied red ribbons all over campus and planned a spirit week where students were told to wear specific types of clothing each day.

“We have always known that Red Ribbon Week happens during the same week, so we usually plan a spirit week to get students in spirit,” said Junior Agustin Tahmasian, ASB’s activities commissioner. This year’s spirit week consisted of students wearing caps on Monday to “put a cap on drugs,” wearing team jerseys on Tuesday to “team up against drugs,” wearing anything red on Wednesday to “put a stop to drugs,” and wearing any type of college gear on Thursday to “look to the future.” “It’s important that Clark celebrates Red Ribbon Week because we are committing every year to staying drug free and informing students about the dangers they may cause to students’ health and lifestyle,” said Tahmasian. 

With many different posters and flyers being put up in the hallways a week before Red Ribbon Week, students were able to quickly know what they had to wear each day of the week and be informed about the importance of Red Ribbon Week. 

Clark’s KATS Club also has an important role to play during Red Ribbon Week. “This week is very important for us because for the past month we have been going to a bunch of different schools and teaching kids the dangers of drugs and other harmful substances,” said Sophomore KATS club member Hrag Khatcherian. “Our club helps to raise awareness for Red Ribbon Week to promote a healthy, drug free lifestyle.” 

With the help of ASB and KATS club, Clark’s Red Ribbon Week was a success with many students participating in the spirit week allowing them to be more educated about drug prevention and drug usage.