Winterfest: A Second Semester Escape


Araya Saetier

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On February 4th, Clark’s very first Winterfest took place. After the rescheduling of the event, students were excited to leave enrichment to eat and hang out with their friends.  

The bell for enrichment rang, and students flooded the amphitheater steps. Some of the food being sold included boba from Boba Time, pizza from Costco, and freshly spun cotton candy. 

The week leading up to Winterfest, ASB sold tickets to students so they could buy food. Different food items had different ticket prices, and some foods were in high demand, causing long lines and product selling out. 

The UAB Club is a prime example. They sold ponchiks, which caused a large crowd to swarm their table. The proceeds went towards their club funds. Another club selling baked items was the Mentees to Mentors club. They were selling cake pops. As usual, all the students rushed out of their classrooms to get their hands on the best food. The food first to go were the ponchicks, being sold by the UAB(Us Against Bullying) Club. 

 UAB Club president Mary Tovbekhayan said, “We sold out of 200 ponchiks in minutes.” 

A new snack that ASB had introduced was nachos, but instead of tortilla chips, there was an option for hot cheetos.This was a big hit, as it brought some change to the same rotation of foods that would usually be present during Clark events. 

Sophomore Diana Rastkelenyan wished the event lasted longer. “I wish the event was as long as Clarktoberfest had been. Although there weren’t any games, relaxing with my friends was fun, and I think the time allotted to Winterfest was kind of short.” 

Since the event only happened during enrichment, it was shorter than Clarktoberfest, which occurred from 7th period to enrichment. 

For the first Winterfest at Clark, many would deem it a success, with good food options and good vibes.