Kindness Week at Clark


Anooshik Tahmasian

Clark students gathered up at lunch to write letters, sign postcards, and decorate rocks to send to their friends for the Great Kindness Challenge at Clark.

What better way than to start 2022 with kindness and warmth. The Great Kindness Challenge®,  presented by Kids for Peace, is a global campaign taking place in 110 countries promoting prevention of bullying, respect for each other, and unity. The week of January 24–28 was a busy week at Clark as students participated in Kindness week.  California teachers, students and staff across all grades were encouraged to participate by spreading acts of kindness and appreciation. The California Department of Education partnered with the Great Kindness Challenge® to bring the fun to GUSD schools. The practices teach students important life skills, self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills which can be applied in the workplace.

Clark’s ASB planned an activity for each day of the week. On Monday, each class was given colorful strips of paper and students were asked to write one act of kindness they can do. Around 1200 strips were collected and a kindness chain was made which hung in the office. Junior Nathan Scherrer thinks that kindness week is definitely a great idea especially in a world that’s full of unkindness. “It’s nice to have a little bit of positivity. I just wrote some notes to my friends and then I also tried to make other people feel appreciated,” he said. 

On Tuesday, teachers were given smiley pins. One to wear and one to pass to a student who always smiles toward their peers. ASB students also passed smiles to students throughout the day to pass to someone else. 

Prior to students arriving on Wednesday, ASB set up a compliment wall bearing notes with phrases of compliments on them that students could take for themselves or someone else. Senior Emmanuel Megerdichian explained that expression of gratitude  and spreading kindness shouldn’t just be the goal for a specific week of the year. “They should definitely do this more often because we all have friends and it’s good to be kind to others.”He believes that acts of kindness should be practiced by everyone throughout the entire year. “If we do these types of events more frequently, people will be overall happier,” he said.

Some students claim that Thursday’s event was one of the best. On Thursday, at the kindness stations, rock painting was taking place. Students were provided with rocks,  multicolored markers and paints to color the rocks. Then, they delivered them to their loved ones. At the end, students collected their painted rocks and delivered them to their loved ones. Freshman Mariam Mikayelyan participated in the rock painting challenge and planned on sending them to her brother and friends.” I want them to be happy and I want them to think of me. So by doing something creative it will make both them and me happy.” she expressed.

Throughout the week at lunch, rap and pop music blasted through speakers while students gathered at the bottom of the amphitheater. Kindness stations were set up where ASB provided multicolored pens, papers, and envelopes for students to write “Thank you” letters which were given out on Friday. “I feel like it’s a really fun event and a good opportunity to spread some kindness in the world,” said Freshman Emily Kalantaryan. She joined the group of Clark students on Tuesday to write inspiring messages to send to her friends & peers.

The Great Kindness Challenge® promoted positive behavior among Clark students. Everyone was able to brighten someone’s day through small acts of kindness.