Class of ‘22 enjoys a delicious barbecue


Emily Aivazian

ASB Class President Tedrik Markarian serves food to hungry customers in line

Pierce Legita, Section Editor

Seniors poured out of their fourth period classes late Wednesday morning in anticipation of their second 12th -grade event. Following the turnout from senior sunrise, teachers and staff alike were glad to provide the students with another annual event, a success that was not even fathomable last year. 

Online learning robbed the graduating classes of 2020 and 2021 from most of their events as a whole, but Clark staff and ASB toiled through most of the day in order to make the preparations for the event for the class of 2022.

Prior to getting their food, students were directed to the steps of the amphitheater to take their yearbook’s class picture, arraying themselves in a proud “22” for their senior panorama. After taking their picture, students rushed in line to be served their long-awaited meal.

12th grade English teacher Conrad Pruitt and 12th grade Government and Economics teacher Nicolas Doom manned the grills, letting off the savory aroma of barbecue. The two teachers spent most of lunch, flipping burgers for the hungry students, while ASB helped serve chips, condiments, fruit cups, and cookies. 

Although not an over-the-top, extravagant meal, students found the burgers to be quite appetizing. “I liked the burgers a lot,” senior Ethan Tobey said, “I’m not going to lie, I was genuinely surprised at the quality of the food.” Tobey found it touching that the staff and school had been nice enough to go out of their way to provide this event for the senior class. 

The luau-styled decor and music—as part of senior barbecue tradition—set the mood for a relaxing lunch. It was a reminder to every senior that their time with each other was precious, especially with the pandemic still fresh in their minds. Many started to feel like their time together was limited.

“It’s crazy that we’re nearly halfway through the school year,” Senior Nicole Ordubegian said. “Events like these are our last chance to really enjoy our last bits of childhood.” Ordubegian hopes to one day reminisce about days like these, thankful that COVID-19 didn’t take away every part of her high school experience. 

With the first semester drawing to a close and the new omicron COVID variant endangering the completion of the returning, in-person school year, seniors were at least glad to be able to sit back and eat some burgers.