Students participate in Red Ribbon week


Eva Zakko

Junior students Eva Zakko and Melineh Shahverdyan are wearing their Halloween costumes and showing their support towards Red Ribbon Week.

Alexa Sophia Camanag, Staff Writer

Every year in the last week of October, schools all over the United States come together to commemorate Red Ribbon Week, an event that acknowledges the inevitable dangers of drugs. 

Red Ribbon Week started in 1985, after the death of a Drug Enforcement Agent named Enrique (Kiki) Camarena. He was brutally murdered by drug traffickers and since then, people would wear red ribbons throughout Red Ribbon Week to honor him.

Clark acknowledges Red Ribbon Week because it proactively addresses why drugs should be prevented and for students to live drug free. By participating in Red Ribbon Week, this event allows students to be more educated about the dangers of drugs. 

“Clark commemorates this event in order to educate students on the dangers of drugs and violence and how they can negatively affect peoples’ daily lives,” said Junior Class President Lilia Hacoupian. 

Along with the spirit days which were Wear a Hat, Wear a Team Jersey, Wear College Gear, and wear your Halloween Costume or Clark Spirit Gear. Numerous posters were hung all around campus, along with red ribbons tied to the various staircases around school. 

Senior Tiladia Markarian, the director of finance in ASB, was the leader in planning this whole event. “I had to create posters, approve posters that other students created, communicate with the ASB President and stay in touch with the KATS Club,” said Markarian.  

Junior student and member of KATS Club Josephine Alvandi also participates in Red Ribbon Week. “We do our part as a club by presenting to others how harmful drugs really are,” said Alvandi. “During Red Ribbon Week, we put up red ribbons all around the school in order to raise awareness and go against drug use”.

For Red Ribbon Week, Clark’s ASB team organized an event where students were asked to wear different clothing items each day of the week. This event highly encourages students to participate and spread awareness on drug prevention.

On Monday, students wore hats for the purpose of putting a cap on drugs. On Tuesday, students were asked to wear team jerseys and to team up against drugs. On Wednesday, students had the option of wearing red to put a stop to drugs. On Thursday, students were asked to wear college gear for the purpose of looking into their future. 

On Friday, the last day of Red Ribbon Week, students were asked to wear their Halloween costumes. Although Halloween is a holiday that is associated with horror and trick-or-treating, ASB found a way to connect it back to Red Ribbon Week. Hacoupian’s idea of the “scary concept” illustrates scaring away the drugs and promoting anti-drugs awareness. 

Clark’s Red Ribbon Week was a success and this event encouraged a variety of students to participate in spirit week. This event allowed students to become more educated and spread awareness about drug prevention.