Clark Welcomes New Teacher to the Science Department


Clark’s new chemistry teacher Mr. Chung.

Emily Aivazian, Staff Writer

As the 2021-2022 school year rolled around, Yung Chung, a teacher for the science department, teaching biology and chemistry, was welcomed to Clark. Chung has been teaching for two years, before coming to Clark. He was a student at Crescenta Valley High School. Chung received a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences while attending the University of Santa Barbara. Then, he attended Cal State Fullerton acquiring a single subject credential. “Being a new teacher at Clark feels like starting all over again. Coming to Clark where the culture is different makes me feel like I’m starting from day one,” Chung said.

Chung expresses that Clark has surpassed all the amazing expectations he had. Testing the limits of his students through his teaching methods has been exciting. Prior to becoming a teacher, he was a pre-med student who decided against going into medicine because he “wanted to maintain his social life,” he said jokingly. Working with doctors and nurses made him realize that being in the medical field wasn’t meant for him. Building relationships with his students by getting to know each of them as an individual is a prominent task Chung works on. “I really enjoy Mr. Chung’s class, it’s fun and he is an overall amazing teacher. Probably one of the best I’ve ever had,” Aren Ghaloosian said. “Mr. Chung is a very understanding teacher which is something I love about him. He’s very kind and the way he teaches is absolutely amazing,” Anna Benyaminyan said. During the Covid-19 pandemic last year, Chung did not enjoy his job as much because he felt as if he was communicating with black screens for six hours a day. Nowadays, he is thankful to be able to teach in person at school in order to continue his passion for making a difference in the lives of his students. 

“Funny thing is that when I was in CV High School, I took AP chemistry in my sophomore year and I can affirmatively say that I did not do well, but when I tried again, AP chemistry became one of my favorite courses,” Chung said. However, biology remained his primary interest. Although, in terms of teaching, chemistry is much more his forte. “As an English-learner, learning how to write essays and speak in English was not fun for me when I was a student,” Chung said. This led him not to enjoy English and History as a subject since he is fluent in a language that has the opposite grammar. If he was able to teach any subject other than chemistry, he would enjoy teaching higher-level mathematics. Currently, he is trying to earn his math credential. Chung is a local in the area of Crescenta Valley; he grew up here and he expresses that it feels great for him to be back in his hometown.