Armenian Class is Gifted with a Dedicated Teacher


Armenian teacher Nina Minasyan dressed in a traditional Armenian garb, also known as a taraz.

For many years, Clark students have been requesting another option for a language class since Spanish was the only option for the students. Other schools in the district were offering languages that include French, Korean and German. 

At the start of the 2020-2021 school year, Clark welcomed Nina Minasyan as the new language teacher that would teach Armenian to returning FLAG students and incoming ninth graders. The 2021-2022 school year, her second year as a Clark teacher, she finally started instruction on campus, very different from remote teaching. 

“From the first grade, I wanted to become a teacher. Why? Because a teacher transforms lives, changes qualities, and raises up generations,” Minasyan expressed. 

Minasyan received her education from the Yerevan State University of Armenia in Armenian language and literature where she received her credentials for teaching. She received her Master degree in Word Literature. When she moved to the United States 10 years ago, she added multiple subject credentials too.

When Minasyan was in school, Armenia was in a very distressing state with dark and cold years. “I saw how difficult it was for my teachers  and I understood something: a good teacher gives their students wings. My decision was to become a teacher who teaches Armenian children about their homeland,” said Minasyan. She is motivated to open the doors to the world of Armenia and its heritage and this memory has inspired her career choice.

Minasyan believes that learning never stops, even as a teacher. In free time, “I read, analyze, and learn from various sources and travel to Armenia to implement my findings in my lessons,” said Minasyan.

“She doesn’t teach based off of a book, she has her own personal knowledge. Whatever she teaches, she will add something completely new to expand our knowledge . ” commented 10th grade student Nare Babakhanian.

Armenian class was the right choice since it allows students to learn Armenian for free while also the opportunity to continue their pathway from elementary.

This is the case for a returning student of Ms. Minasyan who is grateful to be given the opportunity to continue at Clark after starting the pathway during childhood. I was born in Glendale, and my parents added me to the FLAG program in Kindergarten. I have known Mrs. Minasyan since Fourth Grade and I know her class as one of the most interesting and interactive out there,” expressed 9th grade student Taron Martirosyan.

She implements her own strategies in class like assigning different presentations related to Armenian culture and tradition while also including discussions over and over again. 

One of her students finds her strategies effective for his learning. “She knows how to take something historical and explain it step by step. When you’re able to understand the material, you tend to enjoy it,” said 10th grade student Babken Mkhitaryan.

Her biggest inspiration is the Armenian musician and teacher, Komitas. “He has taught me that a teacher needs to come down to a student’s level, and raise them up to the top,” Minasyan said.

Ms. Minasyan has big plans for her students and her purpose as a teacher has just begun. Clark students are fortunate to have an opportunity to study a different world language course thanks to Ms. Minasyan.