Clark holds its first-ever Senior Sunset


Katherine Shovlin

On June 3, Clark hosted the Senior Sunset, which included a photo booth that seniors Sevak Pogosyan, Andre Hiwatig, Liana Tutunjian, Santana Molina, and Katherine Shovlin had their fun with.

Unlike the other high schools in GUSD, Clark had never held a Senior Sunset . . . until this year. In the past, seniors would celebrate Prom and the Catalina trip. However, with COVID underway, neither of these two options was possible.

This year, Clark’s ASB pitched the idea of the school’s first-ever Senior Sunset. After weeks of convincing on ASB’s part and Zoom meetings, the district and the school administration finally approved the notion. 

Despite receiving approval for the event, ASB still faced many obstacles in its planning phase. “The event was initially planned for the field,” said senior and ASB Vice President Liana Tutunjian. “Due to the set-up for graduation happening before [Senior Sunset], we had to move it to the amphitheater.”

From people double-booking tickets for Universal Studios’ Grad Night and Senior Sunset to creating the perfect itinerary, ASB experienced many setbacks. Yet by June 1, all these issues were resolved. On this day, the official Eventbrite invitations reminders for Senior Sunset were sent out. 

June 3 was the scheduled day for the Senior Sunset. Hours before the actual event commenced, ASB members arrived at Clark to set up the activities and decorations. During this time, ASB and PTSA members alike set up the photo booth, the ping pong table and other activities. The caricature artist and the DJ also arrived with their personal equipment. Everest and Jamba Juice who provided the food and drinks respectively stopped by, as well. 

When 5 o’clock — the starting time for Senior Sunset — rolled around, seniors were slowly trickling in. Before entering, seniors confirmed they displayed no symptoms of COVID and checked in with the designated staff members. Once they finished this, seniors were greeted with Everest meals –– burgers and fries –– and Jamba Juice drinks –– Mango-A-Go-Go and Berry Blend smoothies. 

For the next three hours, seniors ate their free meals, danced along to the DJ’s playlist, and enjoyed the set-up activities. Over 70 seniors attended this event. This particular event was a “first come, first serve basis”-kind of event due to the size capacity limitations as per COVID regulations.

One senior who was able to attend was Sara Sahakian. “I wanted to attend this event to have fun with my friends at our school one last time,” she said. 

Besides enjoying the available activity options, Sahakian and her friends also sat at their old lunch table. “We [did it] just for the memories,” she said.

The Senior Sunset was one of Clark’s last school events where seniors could relish in the feeling of being a high schooler for the last time. As such, this event was the last time when seniors like Sahakian could see the present teachers (some of which were her former and never-before-met) dancing the Macarena with some other students.

“That,” Sahakian said, “was the highlight of that day.” 

It was going onto quarter to eight and people were either starting to leave or were helping clean up the aftermath of Senior Sunset. Those that left the event left exhausted, but happy –– as was the case for Liana Tutunjian.

“I was overall happy with how everything worked out,” said Tutunjian. She also said she wished more seniors had attended since this was one of the final chances to reunite with her classmates.

Yet she still was proud of how Senior Sunset unfolded –– for both the ASB members and the other attendees. “From what I saw at the event, everyone looked happy and had a good time,” she said. “At the end of the day, the senior class and [us] advisors were happy to finally plan something and have fun while doing it!”