Clark raises money with first annual Winterfest


Photo taken by Lauren Chang

Friends at Winterfest enjoy the fun music at Clark.

Beaune Calayag, Staff Writer

After the bell rang for enrichment loud music and food stands lured students towards the amphitheater for Clark’s first Winterfest held on Jan. 14.

Clark’s Associated Student Body (ASB) planned Winterfest last year as a means of raising money for school events and outings such as prom and the Disneyland and Catalina Island trips. ASB advisor Shari Scott-Sawyer said that ASB and clubs have four opportunities per year to hold fundraisers, the first being Clarktoberfest and now Winterfest. 

Given that it was the first year that Clark hosted Winterfest, many students were not sure of what to expect. “It’s not anything like Clarktoberfest since we have no games to play and we don’t leave for seventh period, but at least we have food and music,” said junior Eliza Petrosian. 

Scott-Sawyer said that Winterfest was held only during enrichment because ASB and clubs planned to only sell food, but the next fundraiser, Clarkchella, will have food and games and a longer time duration like Clarktoberfest.

“Even though we didn’t have games to play, it was still fun to hang out with my friends, listen to music and eat food together,” said freshman Lauren Chang. 

ASB organized the food stands in a way that the money for each item on the menu would help a certain class. For example, the profits from selling boba for $5 would go towards expenses for the senior class of 2020. Juniors bought churros and donuts to support their class, sophomores bought hot cocoa and noodle soup, and freshmen bought perashki.  

Beaune Calayag
Junior Sarah Valerio enjoys perashki at Clark’s first ever Winterfest.

Students bought food items for low prices and nothing on the menu was over $5. In order to buy food, students exchanged  $1 for one ticket which eliminated the problem with long lines and made transactions quicker. 

“The fundraiser was a success,” said ASB Junior Class treasurer David Saleh. “The students enjoyed our food selections so we sold out.”