Clark’s new POWER video is a welcome surprise


Kenneth Castro

PBIS Leaders Hrant Yahiayan and Shari Scott Sawyer hosted the new POWER video premiere.

Kenneth Castro, Staff Writer

As the clock slowly inched toward 11 a.m., students and staff alike waited tightly in their seats for the premiere of a shiny new video showcasing Clark Magnet High School’s new POWER system.

Clark’s Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports PBIS team live streamed a video on Dec. 6 that was made in collaboration with teacher Joshua Bishop and his cinema class. The purpose of the video was to help bring awareness to POWER, an acronym made to promote a new behavior system where students earn virtual points given to them by their teachers. These points can be redeemed for rewards at certain times during the school year for rewards.

POWER itself is an acronym, meaning Purpose, Ownership, Work ethic, Empathy and Respect, which the PBIS team hopes to reinforce in students with the new program. Points are only given to students that express these behaviors. “If you notice in every classroom, we have the behavioral expectations poster. The video is just bringing that framework we built for Clark into reality,” said teacher Hrant Yahiayan, who is part of the PBIS team and featured in the video.

The video was scheduled to live stream at 11 while students were in their classes. Junior David Abramyan recalled that as the video played, he was expecting a very barebones or lackluster presentation. “I did know about it beforehand,” Abramyan said. “I honestly believed it would be subpar, and it wouldn’t capture the essence of POWER.” However, the room was soon filled with unexpected chuckles as familiar faces of fellow students and memorable teachers filled the screen. 

Similar expectations and reviews were had by another junior, Andres Hermina. “I didn’t have high expectations, I was expecting to be bored the entire time. But, while I was watching it, I was entertained,” Hermina said.

The video was a little over the 15 minute mark and was worked on by Bishop and his cinema team. “I’ve known about this video for about two months. It’s been in the making for a long time,” said junior Bryce Sales, a student who worked on the film. “I’m proud of the sections I did, I’m proud of what we did as a whole, and I think we did a pretty good job.”

The video also featured a drone photoshoot that all Clark students participated in, which was part of PBIS’s plan to bring awareness to the idea of POWER.