California Secretary of State visits Clark to celebrate High School Voter Education Week


Theodore Supangan

Alex Padilla gives a speech regarding teen voter registration.

In an event organized in less than a week, Clark Magnet High School hosted California Secretary of State Alex Padilla in order to increase high school voter registration. Seniors were told to report to the auditeria at around 9:50 a.m. on April 17.  At the beginning of the assembly, students were given an American or California flags as well as red, white or blue necklaces.

“With all the ‘swag’ [Assistant Principal] Dr. Landisi provided us, we felt very proud and patriotic,” said senior Shant Martirossyan.

Shortly after, the speakers introduced themselves. This included the Mayor of Glendale, his office, members of the GUSD Board of Education and other representatives.

The Mayor Of Glendale, Ara Najarian, explained how gaining the right to vote at age eighteen is more important than getting a driver’s license. Similarly, Padilla mentioned how he worked to pass legislation to increase the number of eligible voters that actually vote. For instance, people are now allowed to pre-register to vote at the Department of Motor Vehicles when applying for a license or permit.

After the assembly, seniors were given the opportunity to meet with local leaders and register to vote.

“Young people represent the biggest block of eligible, but not registered, voters,” Padilla said. “We wanted to bring the message and resources directly to the students.”