Montrose parade gets families in the Christmas spirit for 42 years straight


Anna Arutunian

The decorated truck Clark used to store the robots that were showcased.

“This is my first year on the robotics team, and it’s my first time being a part of the Montrose Christmas Parade,” said senior Beatris Avanesian as she and Team 696 prepared to show off the robots they prepared for this year. “It’s kind of cold, but I’m excited to be here representing Clark and our robotics team.”

Team members of 696 stood next to the truck containing the robots on Dec. 1, taking the robots out and ensuring that they were working properly. For many years Clark and GUSD have been active participants in the parade, both eventually becoming gold supporters. Along with many other organizations and schools in the Montrose and Glendale area, Clark’s robotics team and Bike Club were excited to be part of the festivities.

“We’ve prepared three different robots that we’ll go and decorate a fews hours before the parade,” said sophomore and first year 696 member, Jirasorn Wongpheruks, just before the parade began. “It’s my first year. I’ve never been to the parade before, and it’s my first year joining the team, so I’m really looking forward to participating.”

The evening was quite chilly, which set the mood for the hundreds of families bunched together with blankets, hot beverages and festive sweaters. Children ran around while parents tried to keep them from running away too far. Beginning about 20 minutes late, the parade began with Santa Claus waving from a helicopter and continued on for onlookers to see many kind faces wishing them happy holidays. According to a man and woman who didn’t give their names, they came to this year’s parade in order to take a trip down memory lane. “We’ve been in the parade before when we were in high school, so we thought we’d come back to revisit the fun,” he said.

After a few organizations, vehicles and many people passing by, it was finally Clark’s turn to showcase the robots. They were decorated with tinsel and lights, and controlled by the 696 team. The crowd cheered and remarked on Clark’s unique involvement with the Montrose Parade.