Clark welcomes incoming freshmen with flavorful flapjacks


Aleks Zadorian

Freshmen sit and listen to Mrs. Kortoshian’s assembly before going for pancakes.

Aleks Zadorian, Staff Writer

High schools seldom properly introduce their freshmen to their schools. Sure, assemblies are nice, but they don’t give the opportunity to get a feel of the school or to bond with their fellow classmates. Clark Magnet, however, is not most high schools. On Sept. 12, Clark teachers, together with the ASB, introduced incoming students to Clark Magnet with breakfast.

After a short assembly by Principal Lena Kortoshian, freshmen lined up to get a serving of pancakes with syrup and breakfast sausages with a side of juice, served by ASB members and teachers including Elaine Snodgrass and Chris Axelgard.

Axelgard, who teaches P.E., was the main pancake chef at the breakfast. According to him, the pancake breakfast is a good way to introduce the freshmen

Aleks Zadorian
Mr. Axlegard busy making pancakes for the freshmen.

to Clark. “We’ve been doing it every year, so I’m very happy,” Axelgard said.

One freshman, Christopher Babayan, said, “The pancakes were pretty good, for school.” Others had some stronger opinions. One anonymous freshman said that “the pancakes were good, if you like water.”