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Before coming to Clark, Ms. Yerkanyan taught at both Cesar Chavez and Receda High School.

Zarui Yerkanyan joins the Clark Teaching staff

Clark’s long list of new teachers got a little longer this summer when Zarui Yerkanyan was introduced to be the new Integrated Math teacher for Clark Magnet High School. However, Yerkanyan has had a history at Clark even before she started teaching. “I actually graduated from Clark, so I walked through these halls before as a student and now as a teacher,” Yerkanyan said. “I met my husband at Clark and I was also prom queen.”

Before coming to Clark, Yerkanyan taught math at both Cesar Chavez High School and Reseda High School. “I decided to come teach here due to the fact that this school provides all of the resources for students to succeed in their lives,” Yerkanyan said. “I also want to help students with the path to success.”

Norayr Zhamkochyan, a freshman attending Yerkanyan’s Integrated Math Class, says her style of teaching really appeals to the students. “Time goes by really quickly in her class,” he said.  She explains the concepts really well and we understand them. The students are always focused and listening whenever she is presenting a new lesson.”

“The staff have been super nice and very professional,” Yerkanyan said when commenting on how the regular staff were treating new members. “They are very supportive and willing to help you. Ms Ohanian was especially helpful with helping me to get started. The environment here at Clark is almost like a family.”  

Even though many students think education is just about giving grades, Yerkanyan doesn’t view it that way.  “For me, education isn’t just about giving A’s or B’s. The thing I value the most whenever it comes to teaching is whenever students finally understand a concept or a lesson. They have that sort of ‘aha’ moment and that is what really makes me happy whenever I teach,” Yerkanyan said.

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