New locks on doors secure advance safety at Clark


Alexandra Der Boghosian

New Door Bloks have made schools in Glendale more secure.

Alexandra Der Boghosian, Yearbook Section Editor

As the 2018-19 school begins, many parents worry about their child’s safety. According  to TIME, thus far in 2018, 22 school shootings have been reported — from Stoneman Douglas High school to Sante Fe High school.

These school shootings have made parents, students and many schools worry for the students’ safety. Many inventions, such as the Lock Blok, have made people in schools feel much safer.

In July, Clark Magnet installed Lock Bloks to every classroom door. Photography teacher Gregory Zamlich says that Clark is going toward a safe direction with these new locks. “These new door locks are a smart way to protect the students from an armed person on campus. It is a simple and effective idea that can save many people’s lives,” Zamlich said. “Not many students are aware of the new Door Bloks and won’t know what to do in a time of a crisis.”

Junior Tamara Mikalyan thinks the Lock Bloks are a great idea. “It’s a safe way to keep the doors locked at all times but easy to use in a case of a crisis; they will increase our school’s safety and make it a safe and happy environment,” Mikalayan said.

The Lock Blok is designed to cancel out noise and for someone to open the door from the outside. Rick Morris, the inventor of the door blok, was a teacher himself and is the author of many teaching books.

Many teachers at Clark feel safe knowing someone like them have created something like this. “Since the inventor of the Door Blok was a former teacher, he knows what’s it’s like being in a classroom,” Zamlich said.

At Clark, Assistant Principal Dr. Brian Landisi thinks that Lock Bloks is a tool that will help the students and facitles be more prepared. “Safety is all about preparedness,” Landisi said. “Lock Bloks are just another tool we can use in our list of strategies to keep ourselves safe in an emergency.”