New rules challenge students’ patience


Deena Dandachi

Students who roam the hallways during lunch are now forced to spend lunchtime outside.

Deena Dandachi, Staff Writer

Do you enjoy drinking coffee and energy drinks in class to ensure you stay awake? Unfortunately, students’ drinking habits must come to an end. Clark is now implementing a new rule that requires students to not bring drinks (other than water) to class.

Many students rely on drinks like Gatorade and Starbucks beverages to stay focused in class to retain information. “I use Gatorade to help me stay awake in class. Since Gatorade has electrolytes, they help me stay more active and aware during class, especially when I also have a lot of homework,” said sophomore Jason Chavez. “This keeps me concentrated and aware.”

Junior Amreen Azad said that she finds the new rules unfair. “I can’t believe the school is not allowing us to consume caffeine… whether it be tea or coffee or anything else. We should at least be able to be energetic in the morning,” Azad said.

Clark has also begun to enforce new rules like the boundaries of where students are allowed to be during snack and lunch. Students are now not permitted to use the alleyway behind the science buildings.

Senior Kryztyna Hernandez said that the loss of access to the alleyway will be an inconvenience for students. “I believe that the Clark law about the alleyway is an inconvenience because when I was a sophomore,” Hernandez said. “I used to use it as a way to get to class. Now the lowerclassmen need to find other ways to go to their classes faster. I think, if the alley was accessible, it would make passing period less crowded,”

Also, the Clark administration is now enforcing that all students must avoid lounging in the hallways of the main building. Assistant Principal Dr. Brian Landisi said that he hopes the new school boundaries will help improve school safety.  “When students were eating in the hallways during snack and lunch, it created a safety hazard. The hallways were unsupervised since the teachers are all on their duty-free lunch break,” Dr. Landisi said.