Thanking goodness it’s Friday


Trisha Gomez

Students participate in the TGIF activity, musical chairs.

At the end of the week, we all let out a huge sigh of relief. The endless amount of work seems to be lifted off our backs. TGIF, or Thank Goodness it’s Friday (not bringing religion into this), is a new student bonding activity set up by ASB. The first one took place at enrichment Jan. 12, in the school’s auditeria.

However, access to this event is exclusive. The only way to get a pass is if students are given one by an ASB officer. Upon entering the auditeria, students are welcomed by the ASB officers and offered a slice of pizza along with lemonade. After sitting and enjoying food for a while, everyone is then encouraged to participate in a group activity, which this time, was musical chairs. “I think it was a good way to have fun with friends,” said junior Deena Dandachi. “I really got to meet other people who I haven’t met before.”

Clark has had TGIF in the past, but the event had been discontinued because many people didn’t want to participate. However, junior Abdullah Hasan, ASB Director of Publicity and Events, had the idea of bringing it back. “I simply revived it just because the school needed some more school spirit,” Hasan said. So in order to uplift school spirit, I decided to do TGIF to bring students together, to just have a nice time, to forget about all the stress. And Fridays . . . I mean who could ask for a better day?”

“I thought it was pretty successful because initially. However, [Mrs.] Snodgress had a lot of doubt on whether students would actually come during enrichment,” said Yerine Kwon, ASB senior class treasurer. “However, through all ASB members’ social connections, we made it possible and successful having a chill pizza party with games!”

ASB plans to schedule this every month and expand the number of guests welcome.