Clark’s holds second annual AP parent night

Administrators and teachers share information about the courses


Counselor Karine Turdjian speaks to parents about AP.

Usually at Clark Magnet High School, it’s the students that take notes. However, at Clark’s second annual AP parent night, the tables had turned. On Jan. 22, the parents became the students during this event which was designed for students interested in AP classes. The meeting lasted one hour and was filled with informational PowerPoints to help the parents understand about these courses.

Principal Lena Kortoshian and Assistant Principal Dr. Brian Landisi were accompanied by the counselors to explain the program and the benefits. The staff shared a PowerPoint from administration and counselors about the classes and their advantages. Many AP teachers shared information about the college-level courses and all the requirements.

“[The parent meetings] started because we wanted everyone — parents and students — to get the same information about these courses also, so they fully understand before committing to taking AP classes,” Landisi said. “The meeting really benefits the parents who love to hear from teachers and ask questions.”

According to the teachers who spoke, AP classes given are not easy due to the fact that they are college-level courses. Teachers made sure that everyone understood these classes are meant to not only challenge students but help them know what to expect in college.

The benefits of taking an AP class during high school range from college credit, experience taking rigorous courses, and preparation for college life.

“This is my second year attending the AP parent meeting and it has helped me understand about the courses my child will be taking, so I can assure that she takes the classes she needs,” said parent Anetta Grigoryan. “AP courses will help my daughter advance in her high school classes and very well prepare her for a great future ahead.”

“It will be hard, but you can do it!” chanted Dr. Landisi to encourage the students that no matter what obstacles come across during these classes they can defeat it. This helped assure sophomore Lusin Yengibaryan that AP classes are right for her. “I am now able to make more informed decisions about the AP classes that I am going to take and whether or not I can handle the pressure,” she said.

One new course added this year was AP Psychology which has been very popular, according to Landisi. AP World History and AP Environmental Sciences are going to be included in the upcoming school year, according to Landisi.