Students enjoy Clark’s version of Oktoberfest


Trisha Gomez

Junior Lauren Muradian (right) finally gets her In-N-Out burger and drink after waiting in a long line with her friend, junior Carmen Hovhannisyan (left).

A long line of excited, chattering students almost stretched out all the way from the red and white In-N-Out truck set up in front of the weight room to health teacher Judy Sanzo’s classroom. Students roamed the grass field, played games set up by clubs and took goofy pictures at the photobooth. “Clarktoberfest is a great tradition because it lets students take a break from their classes and just have some fun with their friends,” said junior Shant Martirossyan.

Following suit after Montrose’s Oktoberfest festival on Oct 7, Clark hosted its annual Clarktoberfest on Oct 18. Five minutes after seventh period began, students began pouring out of their classes and into the hallways as they made their way down to the field. It was a hot, sunny day, but that did not lead to students cowering in the shade; instead, many of them enjoyed the warm weather and spent their time walking around under the sun while talking to their friends.

“I had a great time at Clarktoberfest,” said junior Lilit Martirossyan. “We don’t have a lot of school events where we can just hang out with friends, so this was one that we definitely took advantage of.”

There were many refreshments available to the students, including In-N-Out and boba. The senior class also used Clarktoberfest as an opportunity to fundraise for prom, collecting donations from the students and giving donuts as thank yous.

For many students, getting In-N-Out burgers with their friends was one of the best parts about Clarktoberfest. Senior Shushana Khachatryan was hesitant about waiting in the long line, but decided it would be worth it in the end. “Even though I spent a very long time under the blazing sun waiting in line, I was able to talk with friends as well as meet new people,” Khachatryan said. “It definitely was an interesting experience that had a refreshing and delicious finale to it.”