Cerritos Elementary brings on the spring festivities


Trisha Gomez

Students perform on stage during the Cerritos Spring Festival

‘Tis the season for outdoor festivals. On April 28, Cerritos Elementary School’s Spring Festival brought a fun-filled night with food and music to the community.

The festival took place on the school’s field, where the huge stage was shared among the student body. The students are the main act during this annual event, with each grade level performing a dance or a song. In addition, the school’s After School Education & Safety Program, or ASES Program, Caesura Music Program, chorus and talent show winners also performed.

Formerly known as International Festival, the tradition started in the mid ’70s and was created as a way for Cerritos families to become closer and to celebrate the diversity and cultures of its students.

“The best part about our festival is the students’ performances and having all of our families coming out to support and enjoy a great evening together.” said Perla Chavez-Fritz, Cerritos Elementary School’s principal. “This event has a great turnout and we have many former students volunteer as well as retired teachers coming back to gather and enjoy the festivities.”

Along with the show, there were various food stands. Ranging from tacos and tamales to pizza and ice cream, there was something for everyone to eat. The lunch tables were open, allowing everyone to enjoy the food while interacting with other families.

“I’ve been coming to this event every year since I started school here,” said Clark junior Patricia Cardeno, a former Cerritos Elementary student. “Eating and hanging out with old friends is always fun, especially since we rarely see each other anymore.”