Balboa Spring Fling welcomes students with games, prizes and treats


Rita Bilamejian , Business Manager

On Friday, April 14, the fifth annual Balboa Spring Fling was held in Brand Park. Filled with members of the community, the event was open for anyone who could come. The park seemed to be unrecognizable as it was filled with games and activities. Requiring a dollar for one ticket to play mini games and $25 to participate in the rock climbing activity, the event was a great way to fundraise for the school. According to Lacey Mansell, a member of the Balboa volunteer program, roughly 250 people attended the event, making it a perfect fundraising opportunity.

Students from many of Glendale’s schools enjoyed the games, and of course, the prizes.. “I had a really fun time playing all the games and trying to win prizes,” said Herina Fazilian, a sixth grader from Balboa Elementary School.   

Local members of the Glendale Police Department bring their cars for show.

However, the games were not the only fun part of the event. The food trucks, the DJ and the rock climbing wall added to the excitement. Many students lined up by the food trucks that served tacos, burritos, hamburgers and other savory meals. As children competed on the rock climbing wall as to who would reach the top first, members of the Glendale Police Department brought their police cars for young students to take pictures and ask questions about their job.

Starting at four, the Spring Fling brought people from different schools and jobs together. An excuse to get out of the house on a Friday afternoon, the event was yet another success in making many young people happy. “I’m so happy I went,” said Fazilian, “and I can’t wait to go back next year.”