Clark readies itself for a week full of cheer


Clark Chronicle Staff

Students take part in water balloon toss contest on the second day of spirit week.

Lilit Krkasharian, Yearbook Section Editor

“I’m so excited for Spirit Week!” said junior Joselyn Bille. “I have my whole outfit picked out for the week. Dressing up is amazing!”

Many students look forward to Clark’s annual Spirit Week, which this year begins next week. With promises of fun themes, free dress days, and a talent show, Spirit Week really does try to live up to its name. ASB has been working hard over the past few weeks to ensure that this week will be a blast for the students and make them smile.

Each day of Spirit Week has a theme that has been carefully chosen by class officers. Monday’s theme, set by the freshman class officers, will be Superhero/Villain day, or more specifically, Team Marvel vs Team DC. “We wanted to pick a theme that would be fun and exciting for everyone,” said freshman class president Yeprem Muradyan.

Tuesday’s theme, chosen by the sophomore class officers, will be Sports day. Junior class officers decided on a Disney theme for Wednesday, and senior class officers decided on a Greasers/’50s theme for Thursday. In addition to the daily costumes, ASB intends on hosting fun games during lunch every day of the week for students to enjoy, ranging from a water balloon toss to a lip syncing battle.

Spirit Week will conclude on March 17, with Clark’s annual talent show and the student body dressing in school colors, freshmen and seniors in black, sophomores in green, and juniors in white. The last day will also be a minimum day and signify the end of third quarter and the beginning of spring break. “I love how Spirit Week comes right before spring break,” said junior Parely Tatevosian. “It’s a great way to end the quarter on a happy note.”