Bleeding for a cause


Clark Chronicle Staff

Red Cross representative scanning blood samples

Trisha Gomez, Photographer

“Last year, all the seniors were so excited to donate blood,” said senior Tenny Vasghanian. “I wanted to donate too. However, I wasn’t 17 yet.” On Nov. 30, Clark’s annual Blood Drive hosted by the American Red Cross was held, where Vasghanian along with 57 other donors helped the cause. One pint of blood can save up to three lives, according to the American Red Cross.

“Although we had enough donors to reach our goal of 50 pints, we still didn’t reach our goal.” said junior Damian Kim, GMG president. “Some people were rejected because they didn’t meet height or weight requirements or because of some health problems, like being too dehydrated.”

“I was pretty nervous,” said junior Michelle Gonzalez Nambo. “I thought I would get sent home because of the side effects.”

After getting your blood drawn, some of the side effects can include feelings of lightheadedness and or nauseation. Unfortunately, Vasghanian was one of the donors who experienced these side effects.

“After they took the needle out, they told me to sit up slowly and I felt perfectly fine,” Vasghanian said. “But as I was leaving, they told me to sit down since it was my first time getting this amount of blood drawn.” However, it was a good call. “I suddenly felt hot and ready to throw up. Before I knew it, I passed out and felt Mr. Blattner shaking me. It’s funny, but I would do it again since I love helping other people in the community and others in general.”

If donating blood is something you are still interested in, GMG and the American Red Cross will hold a second Blood Drive on Feb. 15, and are organizing a third one in April.