9/11 motorcade makes its way up New York Ave.


Clark Chronicle Staff

The motorcade featured many classic cars such as this Ford truck.

To honor the lives lost 15 years ago, the community of Crescenta Valley held a remembrance motorcade Sept. 9, which began at exactly 9:11 a.m. This is the fourth year that the La Cañada Early Rodders have organized a car show to commemorate the heroes of 9/11.

The vehicles that participated were vintage cars, fire department trucks and highway patrol cars; these vehicles had papers stuck to their doors with various signs commemorating 9/11. Officers in uniform — policemen, firefighters, and highway patrolmen — were also present.

The procession ascended New York Ave. at around 9:40, despite the route map suggesting that it would pass by Clark at 9:20. Students were notified by an announcement on the PA system, then led outside by teachers to wait for the cavalcade. Approximately 500 students came out to watch the proceedings.

“Even if we were technically supposed to be at snack, I decided to stay and watch. After all, it’s just 10 minutes of my time,” said senior Kahren Torosyan. “I wanted to honor the people who died to protect this country.”

“We left class to go and watch the vehicles drive by, which was nice,” said Crescenta Valley High senior Genevieve Gonzales. “We didn’t have a moment of silence or anything, so it was the least we could do to pay our respects to the fallen. That one day all those years ago really changed the way we live life now, even though the change may not be so obvious sometimes. A lot of people paid the price with their lives; it’s only right that we remember them.”

This year marked the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. People all over the world commemorated the heroes and victims with services, parades, vigils and even social media postings.