Talent show leaves everyone in awe


Christopher Davis

Freshman Shant Martirossyan and senior Arpi Safaryan show off their superb dancing skills at the talent show.

Even before the seventh period bell rang, students were already rushing to get to the amphitheater as fast as they could to watch Clark’s annual talent show on March 18. The fact that it was a scorching, hot day did not deter students from wanting to sit on the amphitheater steps that were directly under the sun and watch their friends and classmates showcase their hidden talents. There was a great variety of acts, ranging from singing to dancing to even a magic show.

The show started out with sophomore Saril Nishan singing. There were a few technical issues with the music and microphone, but the audience was supportive and cheered her along all the way until her strong finish. Sophomore Nare Agakhanyan sang in the talent show as well. The audience enjoyed her performance of “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele and was quick to join her whenever she was singing the chorus. “I was looking forward to participating in the talent show because I love to sing,” Agakhanyan said. Along with singing solos, there were also two bands, who gave performances that everyone enjoyed, “Broz” and “One Outta Ten”.

Dance Club also performed, but they were not the only ones who decided to treat the school to a dance performance. Later on during the show, the students were excited to see four dancers, two boys and two girls, turn the concrete ground at the bottom of the amphitheater into their very own dance floor. Freshmen twins Lilit and Shant Martirossyan, sophomore Manuel Sardaryan, and senior Arpi Safaryan all attend classes at Krounk Dance Studio. They planned and prepared together to perform in the talent show this year. The group, split into two pairs, performed three types of dances: Cha-Cha, Samba and Jive. Although it was hard for them to dance in sneakers on concrete, they still managed to please the crowd and have fun while doing it. “As a freshman, I was excited to be dancing at the talent show and represent the school spirit and freshman pride,” said Shant Martirossyan. His sister, Lilit Martirossyan, had similar feelings, saying, “Dancing at the talent show was exciting because I got to showcase something that my friends and I do with so much joy.”