Looking ahead to the spring formal

Students planning to be Hollywood Stars for one memorable night


Edit Simonyan

ASB created a poster for the Spring Formal.

Junior secretary Marah Hasan said that she has been coordinating the upcoming spring formal for several months. She manages all the tickets that are sold and creates a list which includes all the participants. “I help publicize with the other officers for this formal by putting in bulletin notices and putting up flyers.” Hasan said. “I also email all the teachers to keep track of all the chaperones attending the formal.”

Staff members who have said they will be chaperones include Virginia Benzer, Alex Day-Blattner, Fred Blattner, Nicholas Doom, Anne Reinhard and Karine Turdjian. According to junior treasurer Sergey Gevorkyan, Associated Student Body (ASB) advisors Eric Kursinski and Carol Pettegrew are also going to be there to help support the junior class. ASB plans to sell about 110 tickets in order to actually have a successful formal.

ASB members come together in order to plan out the decorations and food that will be served at the spring formal. The formal will revolve around a Hollywood theme and will include a very unique DJ named Shabang. “We used the same DJ the seniors used last year for their formal because he made the night memorable for many of the juniors,” said junior president Hovo Movsisyan.

As of food and decorations, ASB and PTSA members have planned to make the night memorable. “ASB officers brainstorm about the food that should be served and we collaborate to find great food for the attendees,” Gevorkyan said. They plan to serve pizza, along with drinks and sweets. “The decorations that we will have are a red carpet, golden balloons, along with pictures of old movie stars and Hollywood fame stars everywhere. We will also have an arch to put balloons on it. We are hoping to get an 8-foot Oscar statue too,” Hasan said.

Most junior officers agree that planning the formal can be stressful because of the limited amount of time and the need for everything to be perfect. At the same time, they know students are counting on them, which motivates them to work towards a successful spring formal.  “Coordinating such an event needs everyone’s participation and cooperation, and I think that my officers and I are doing a great job in working together to make this formal turn out to be a success,” Hasan said.