Anti-Drug Awareness spreads at Clark

Music brings more attention to drug and violence prevention


Tina Keshishian

Michelle Blanchard singing in front of the amphitheatre while many students gather around to listen.

Students made their way to the amphitheatre to listen to the band Madyx performing during lunch on Oct. 2. Michelle Blanchard, the main singer and songwriter of the band, urged students to grab their lunches and listen to the band’s performances.

“We really had a blast playing at Clark Magnet High School, it was the best way to spend our Friday after playing 5 schools back to back,” said Michelle Blanchard. She said that she never actually thought that she’ll become a lead singer since she has always been the guitar or bass player in bands. Blanchard realized that she wanted to be a singer as she continued writing more of her own music. At the moment, Blanchard is on a high school tour and enjoys what she does while spreading the message against drugs, alcohol and bullying.

The event was organized by teacher Judy Sanzo to bring more awareness about the harms that drugs can cause. “Music gets people’s attention,” Sanzo said. The band’s performances attracted a bigger audience and the message of anti-drug awareness was received by more people.

Having just a table with papers of information would not get as big of an audience, as spreading that message through music, according to junior Nareh Abramian. Students liked having the anti-drug activity because there was music along with it. “It was nice that it was not just the regular mainstream music with lyrics only about violence,” said junior Arvin Ohanian.

“I saw two guys dancing to the music which brought even more attention to the event,” said junior Hrach Nalchajyan. Sophomore Karine Asatryan thought that there was “more guitar” than her singing which she would have liked more of.

Continuing with the topic of drug and violence prevention awareness, Red Ribbon Week will begin in two weeks. Sanzo said that she purposely organized the concert to fall on the month of October, close to the Red Ribbon Week. The Red Ribbo n Week will be held the week of Oct. 26.