Power outage causes Panther clock to stop


Henry Reed

The clock in the amphitheater stopped Sept. 15 due to the 15 minute power outage and was finally fixed Sept. 17.

Rita Bilamejian, Business Manager

Not only is time very important on telling what time of day it is, but it is extremely important for Clark students and staff as it regulates classes and breaks. However, when the amphitheater’s clock, otherwise known as the ‘Panther clock’ that was a gift from the Class of 2003, broke down due to the power outage on Sept. 15, most students and staff members didn’t seem to notice.

“What clock?” asked senior administrative secretary Susan Lockhart. “The clock in the amphitheater is broken?” Lockhart was unaware of the clock being broken until asked about it.

Dozens of students pass through the amphitheater every day, and yet many students also seemed unaware of the broken clock. Though the clock is frequently used to give directions on where specific events during school will take place, many students seem not to pay attention to it. “If you hadn’t asked me about it being broken, I wouldn’t have even noticed,” said junior Anik Boyadzhyan. “I barely look at it.”

However, custodian Roberto Jacome was on the case of fixing the clock when it stopped because of the power outage. He explained that the 15-minute power outage caused the clock to stop and thus be late by 15 minutes.”Because it is difficult to fix the clock manually,” said Jacome, ” I stopped the clock entirely on that day, then I waited until the next day at the time the clock was stopped to start the clock again.”

Jacome was absent on the day the clock had stopped but he fixed it right away after he came back. The clock was fixed and working again by Sept. 17.