Seniors sail to paradise for a day


Monika Petrosyan

Seniors sit down for one last picture before getting of the boat. The Catalina trip proved to be a memorable event for the senior class.

Seniors were welcomed to Catalina Island on Sept. 19 by the warm and breezy air. Having just arrived, everyone scattered around and went in their own directions. Nearly 120 students attended and were assisted by four chaperones. Senior Tristan Mouradian went kayaking with his friends. “It was a very new experience and we were sailing around screaming and just messing around,” he said.

A great tourist attraction, Catalina Island has always had various activities to participate in, said teacher Jennifer Davis, who is also the senior class adviser. Students had the options of parasailing, fishing, kayaking, and more. Robert Herrin said he and his friend went snorkeling off the coast. “We grabbed a pack of food and fed it to the fish,” Herrin said. “I loved it because it was a unique experience.”

While some students opted to go snorkeling, all students received tokens for the arcade. “The tokens for the arcade were given to us, but students had to pay for the other things,” said Davis. In order to go parasailing, seniors had to be at least 18. One senior, who asked to remain anonymous, said that he and four of his friends went parasailing and were not asked to have a parent sign a waiver. He said this experience was peaceful. “At the end, we were being dragged down, slightly touching the ocean and it felt amazing,” he said. “Just being up there and seeing the beautiful view was incomparable.”

Timothy Cruz, president of ASB, said that he had a blast spending a day with his best friends, and that the trip was beautiful. “The senior class came back more cohesive; they were begging for more senior class activities,” Cruz said.

At 5:40, the seniors made their way back onto the boat. Although most people had their most memorable and exciting moments on the island itself, Fatma Abdelrahman seemed to enjoy the ride back the most. “I stood on the upper floor and had the wind blowing in my face,” she said. “That, along with the gorgeous sunset, was just stunning.”