Clark Magnet’s digital sign stays broken for almost a year

Clark Magnet High School’s digital sign has been down for almost a year now and many students and staff members like Elaine Snodgress want it to be back online as soon as possible so they could start posting news up again for the students.

The sign has been hanging on the side of the school since 2007. Its purpose is to display current news and school events for students and the community to see.

Over spring break last school year, the sign was turned off and it lost connection to the servers over that one week period. Health teacher Randy Tiffany recently climbed up to the roof and turned it back on, but, the sign did not regain connection to the servers.

ASB Advisor Elaine Snodgress put in a work order to ETIS at the district office to get it fixed last school year. Fast forward to this school year and the sign has not yet been worked on.

When the Clark Chronicle called ETIS on Sept. 14 inquiring about the sign and when it would be fixed, the representative said he would check on the work order and get someone to look into it. Later that day, ETIS called Clark administration regarding the sign.

Clark and ETIS are working to get it back up and running as soon as possible according to Tiffany.