Monsoon season impacts Clark life in multiple ways


Chris Davis

Students are dehydrated while watching Ray Goren perform.

Himanshi Ahir

California is experiencing monsoon season as well as welcoming El Niño. This season includes high humidity, rain and heat. Apart from affecting the way students dress, the weather also affects students’ lives in other ways.

For those who have classes in rooms without air conditioning, seasons like this feel like nightmares. “People smell bad when they’re all sweaty,” said junior Alejandra Lopez.

“It’s horrible that one of my classes doesn’t have working A/C,¨ said junior Raisa Faisal. At times I have to stop working and pull up my hair and just fan myself. We have to open Mr. Gruss’s room to let the air ventilate our room so we don’t all just die from the heat.” Fortunately, the air conditioning in the 4200 computer lab, that hadn’t been working since the first day of school, was fixed on Sept. 15. Maral Guarino’s classroom lost its air conditioning the day after.

Also on Sept. 15, there was a power outage for 20 minutes. “I was in my history class watching a video. I was more than happy for the blackout to happen, because it put the whole class on pause,” Faisal said. “It interrupted our intellectual session, but I’m okay with it.”  

This power outage affected every student during first period. “We had a blackout first period, you know, because of the rain,¨ said junior Marah Hasan. ¨Blackouts are fun since you get to feel what poor people go through.¨ She also said that power outages remind students to be grateful for what they have, since they go to a school that most often has electricity.

Teachers have also complained about the heat. “I like the rain, but the heat and humidity isn’t good,” said chemistry teacher Lusik Kassakian. She mentioned that she hopes it’s not hot during El Niño and that it’s good that we’re getting the water we desperately need. Glendale received over one inch of rain on Sept. 15, according to the National Weather Service.