Open your doors, let fall come in

Clark doors get decorated once again


photo taken by Tina Keshishian

Mr. Ghavam’s 4th period decorates the fall-themed door in his honor. Winner will be announced on Dec. 1.

Iren Harutyunyan, Staff Writer/ Website Editor

Update: Door decorting contest’s winner was Mrs. Guarino’s 4th period class.

From huge Starbucks famous Pumpkin Spice Lattes to fall-themed Alice in the Wonderland recreation, the annual door decorating contest entrees amazed passersby. This year’s theme, fall, was very clearly demonstrated on each of the eight participating 4th period classes. The winning class will be announced on Dec. 1 and will get a donut party.

“Since me and my friends enjoyed decorating the class door last year, we were excited to do it again,” said junior Preny Riganian. “We got together during Enrichment and lunch and even came 45 minutes earlier one morning to finish up everything.”

Riganian and her friends decorated math teacher Amir Ghavam’s door. It featured a near life-sized Mr. Ghavam, a unit circle for the sun, and sayings Ghavam uses on a daily basis.

Junior Meghedi Zargarian, one of Riganian’s friends, said that they spent many hours on the door and put in a lot of teamwork and dedication. “We learned from our mistakes from last year and did the absolute best we could,” she added.

“I like this contest because it lets students to be creative and work together for the benefit of the whole class,” Ghavam said. “I’m glad kids are having fun. Yes, even if they are doing it by making fun of me.”

The judging of the doors will be based on originality, the clear demonstration of the theme, use of handmade supplies, and of course, creativity.