Robin Williams’ death stuns students

“Robin Williams Rest in Peace Make God Laugh” – Laugh Factory, Hollywood, California.


Robin Williams’ sudden death rocked Clark Magnet High School hard on Aug. 11, which also happened to be the first day of the 2014-2015 school year.

“I was absolutely shocked,” said junior Tristan Mouradian. “Robin Williams has always been my favorite comedian, and learning of his suicide greatly saddened me.” Mouradian had grown up with many movies starring Williams and adored all of his work, including one of the most popular, Mrs. Doubtfire.

Even students who did not know Williams very well admired his work and personality. “[Robin Williams] seemed like a prominent and treasured figure in show business. He has made a lasting mark on the industry,” said junior Mikia Zohrabian.

Although both Mouradian and Zohrabian were shocked at Williams’ passing, they were not surprised at all. “Many people put on a mask of happiness to fool others even if they feel bad on the inside,” Zohrabian said. “This was such a case.”

Teacher Lauren Hilmar-Braga was more familiar with Williams’ works, from Dead Poets Society to Birdcage to Good Will Hunting. “When I had first heard that he had died, I was shocked, but I knew he had a long history of addiction issues,” Hilmar-Braga said. “I had heard that he’d been in a rehab facility back, I don’t know, a month ago or a couple months ago.”

Whether Williams’ passing is blamed on his known depression, alcohol/drug addictions, or his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, one thing is clear: The loss of such a legendary comedian will be remembered forever, as Williams has sketched his name in history as an icon, a comedian and a very talented actor.