Varand Aghakani’s art to dominate Brand Blvd.

On April 28, art teacher Nyrie Gharibian received a satisfying email from the Glendale Rotary Club that announced senior Varand Aghakani’s art pieces had won its competition. The club held this completion with the hopes of increasing awareness on driving safety.

Leaders of the club asked students to create three banners advocating against texting and driving, carelessness on the road and leaving kids and pets unattended in a vehicle. Gharibian encouraged students to join because “it is a unique opportunity to have their design on display in downtown Glendale.”

Two out of the three banners Aghakani created won first place. He won a total of $200. “I wanted to create something simple so it can be noticeable but also look nice at the same time,” he said. His banners will be hung up on Brand Blvd. for the community to see, after minor adjustments. “I just think it will be cool that something I made will be all over brand,” he said.

He hopes that his banners will remind community members to take precautions with driving. One of Aaghakani’s designs reminds drivers to not leave their kids in the car with the slogan: “Not Even for A Minute” and “Heat Kills.” The other side of the banner will say”Watch the Road.”

Aghakani said that he has always been interested in art and has been working with Adobe illustrator for three years. “It’s just a hobby for me,” he said, “but I will definitely be in a field which requires creativity.” In the meantime, he is currently wrapping up his AP portfolio and winding down for the year.