Zareh Sinanyan elected new mayor of Glendale

On Tuesday April 8, the Glendale City Council held its annual inner voting for the new mayor of Glendale. Former mayor Dave Weaver, who held the position of mayor of Glendale, stepped down and voting between the councilmembers began. Glendale City Council Member Frank Quintero nominated City Council Member Zareh Sinanyan for the position of mayor. “I nominated him because I thought he did an excellent job in the year I served with him,” Quintero said.

Sinanyan was voted into the Glendale City Council April of 2013. Unlike the other Council Members, Sinanyan was not an incumbent at the time and currently holds his first term as a Glendale City Council Member.

A number of students from Clark Magnet volunteered for Sinanyan’s campaign team and helped him in last year’s election. Junior Khatchig Papisian, who worked occasionally as a volunteer for Sinanyan, has faith in Sinanyan’s future as mayor. “I don’t know him too well, but from my experience with him, he looks like he’ll be a great mayor,” said Papisian. Quintero, who has served as mayor of Glendale for three separate terms, said that he believes Sinanyan is the right man for the job. “He’s a very intelligent, perceptive and deserving man,” Quintero said.

I feel this sense of responsibility because, as mayor, I feel that I should do a lot of good and that’s what I plan to do.

— Zareh Sinanyan

Upon nomination, Sinanyan received a vote of approval from City Council Members Ara Najarian and Laura Friedman while Dave Weaver abstained, marking a near unanimous decision in favor of Sinanyan. Since the majority of the City Council voted for Sinanyan’s term for mayor, Sinanyan will serve as mayor of Glendale for the next year. Sinanyan said that he “felt so humbled and honored” but also felt a “sense of responsibility.”

“I’m optimistic for Zareh’s term as mayor,” said senior Edvin Sarkisyan. “I feel that Zareh Sinanyan can handle the tasks ahead of him.” Sarkisian is an avid follower of local news and says that he believes Zareh will do well as mayor.

With the position of mayor also comes many responsibilities, according to Sinanyan. “I feel this sense of responsibility because, as mayor, I feel that I should do a lot of good and that’s what I plan to do,” Sinanyan said.

Junior Jonathan Nabifar said that he understood the weight of responsibility as mayor. “I know that being mayor is not an easy task, but I’m sure that Zareh Sinanyan can handle the job,” Nabifar said. Nabifar has done volunteer work for Zareh Sinanyan and says that he is happy that Sinanyan got the position. Frank Quintero also looks optimistically at Sinanyan’s future work as mayor thanks to new opportunities. “I think he’s going to have a wonderful year because he’ll be able to lead the city council meetings and be able to talk with groups from other regions,” Quintero said.