Students express their school spirit

Throughout the week, students wore mismatched clothes, nerdy outfits, sports jerseys, and matched with their friends.


Elise Mariano

James Tumbucon participates in a water balloon toss competition.

Vanessa Codilla, Staff Writer

“Clark’s all about looking professional and clean,” said sophomore Jada Javier while wearing clashing prints, “but, it’s cool seeing Clark in a different way.” During the week of March 10–14, students expressed their enthusiasm for Clark’s annual Spirit Week through their outfits and participation in lunch activities.

On Monday, students such as Javier wore unmatched socks and shoes along with crazy color combinations for Mismatched Day. Sophomores Gennine Lagman and Javier’s group of friends arrived to school with similar mismatched outfits consisting of striped tops and floral skirts. “My friends went through my closet and helped me choose my outfit,” said Lagman, “and I usually wear mismatched socks anyway so it all worked out.”

Tuesday was Nerd Day, and students wore large rimmed glasses, bowties, and overalls. Freshman Nanor Martirosian wore colorful suspenders and folded her pants above her ankles. Her favorite part of the day was posing as a nerd with her group of friends. “I liked it; it’s that one week when you don’t have to wear polos,” Martirosian said. “I think Clark really had school spirit.”

Throughout the week, ASB set up competitive events during lunch and encouraged students who participated in the day’s theme to have a chance to win prizes. On Nerd Day, ASB hosted a contest where students raced each other by eating pie without the use of their hands.

Sophomore Nickolas Yedgarian and his friends decided to compete with each other. Luckily for him, Yedgarian was one of the people who won. “I wasn’t embarrassed; I was laughing the whole time,” he said. “I had frosting all over my nose after.” Yedgarian won a plastic football and a sense of accomplishment.

Gennine Lagman poses in her mismatched outfit.
Gennine Lagman poses in her mismatched outfit.

On Wednesday, groups of friends wore matching outfits for Twin Day. Most students tried to wear common articles of clothing, such as white v-necks and Converse shoes, to make it easier to match with their friends. Twins were eligible to participate in a water balloon toss during lunch.

Freshmen Tadeh Tarverdian and Talin Tarverdian were actual identical twins who participated in the game. After numerous rounds of the game, they were the last pair standing and won the game. Freshman Stefan Stankovic and his twin, James Tumbocon, were among the last few standing. “We lost, but in our hearts we won,” Stankovic said.

Thursday was Sports Day, when students wore their favorite professional teams’ jerseys or their own jerseys. Freshman John Junio wore his favorite player Michael Jordan’s jersey. Sports day was the only day Junio dressed up for. “In the future, I hope they’d take a poll to see what the students would want,” Junio suggested. Although he didn’t participate in many of the themed days, he said that he had fun watching his fellow classmates compete in the lunch activities throughout the week.

On Friday, or Class Colors Day, students wore different colors to represent their grade level. Freshmen and seniors put on black clothing, sophomores dressed in green, and juniors wore white. Freshman Melena Gadayan had a positive experience throughout the week. “The whole year, it’s all about uniforms,” she said. “It was fun finally having one week where we’re free to express ourselves.”